Ruffled Pimento Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds

Ruffled Pimento Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds,Ruffled Pimento Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds,Scoville Rating: 100 - 5,00 SHU The Ruffled Pimento pepper has thick, juicy walls, Ruffled Pimentos are flattened, pleated red peppers that resemble a miniature pumpkin, They are popular for stuffing and roasting, Please read instructions before planting, Your feedback is important to us so, Best Shopping Deals Online Official online store The latest design style Buy direct from the factory To bring you all new quality and health online shopping. Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds Ruffled Pimento

Ruffled Pimento Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds


Ruffled Pimento Hot Pepper Organic Non-GMO 12 Seeds

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